Gen7Pets products keep pets comfortable and feeling secure and give pet parents portable convenience
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John Sandiford, Pres
Jeremy Buckley, VP Sales
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Jordan Craft, Purchasing
Jeremy Buckley, Media Contact
Jeremy Buckley, Director of Sales
Year Founded: 2012

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About Us

Provider of SonicGuard, an ultrasound, chemical-free tick and flea repellant, innovative strollers with Smart-Features, Natural-Step™ Ramp, Indoor-Carpet ramp, Carry-Me™ carriers for travel, Roller-Carriers featuring the Smart-Level™ platform, Cool-Air Cots and Pads to keep your pets comfortable.

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Product Specifications
Casual-Cot™ and Carry-Me™ Pet Carrier
The Casual-Cot™ Sets up in About 30 Seconds and is a great Indoor/Outdoor Raised Bed. Carry-Me Carriers made airline and auto travel safer.
Natural-Step™ Ramp
The Natural-Step™ Ramp with Artificial Grass Provides a Sure Grip and Soft Surface for Easy Up and Down.
SonicGuard™ Tick and Flea Protection
SonicGuard Ultrasonic Tick & Flea protection is chemical free and silent to pets and pet parents. Battery lasts up to 12 months.
Strollers with Smart-Features™
Smart-Zippers™, Smart-Canopy™, Smart-Basket™, Smart-Fold™, Smart-Reach™, Smart-Wheels™